Hops & Hobs

This is a story about friends creating a space and time that goes against the very history of the building it now resides in. A place made by the people for the people. Every bottle, every glass, every dish, represents a person, an experience, a moment in time. This is a place where you know you’ll create your own stories and where you know you’re going to be coming home.

Led by Chef Timothy Ong, the kitchen serves up a hearty menu. His food, driven by his passion for Japanese cuisine, sees a twist of big and bold flavours. In previous experiences, Tim has also catered to companies such as Burberry, Esquire, Citibank, J.P Morgan, and Credit Suisse.

So come in for food and have a beer or five. Don’t hold back now because, well, you’re In Bad Company.
Craft Beer & Wine Bar
In Bad Company is located at The Herencia, 46 Kim Yam Road, #01-06/07, Singapore 239351. We serve Japanese fusion food and have a bar that is open through the day.


The Herencia
46 Kim Yam Road, #01-06/07, (S) 239351

Opening Hours

Mon: 9am to 5pm
Tue-Fri: 9am to 12am
Sat: 11am to 12am
Sun: 11am to 5pm